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Policy on Safety, Health, and Environment

Technical Energy Developments will conduct all of its activities in a manner that ensures the protection of people, assets and the environment.



The Company is committed to a Health, Safety and Environmental management system that conforms to the best practices within industry.



The Company policy on safety, health, environment together with the appropriate codes of practice, relevant legislation and specific rules of our clients will form the minimum HSE standard.



Technical Energy Developments will ensure that:


  • Adequate means are provided for safety training and occupational health.


  • Work place environment and facilities are designed, constructed, and maintained to provide safe working conditions.


  • Staff are actively involved, through group meetings, in the review and refinement of safety, health, environment and loss control procedures and issues.


  • Vehicles, plant and equipment are selected and maintained to provide safe conditions for the staff and public.


  • Systems are implemented to safeguard and prevent property damage and fire and security losses.


  • All work is conducted in such a way as to protect the environment.


  • We use and advise on the efficient use of energy and natural resources.


  • Regulations, legislative requirements and codes of practice are adhered to.


  • There are regular audits for compliance by management with safety, health, environment and loss control procedures.


  • All work undertaken by Technical Energy Developments is completed in a professional and safe manner.