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Asset Integrity Services

Commissioning of Instrumentation and Electrical Systems.

Generally from pre-commissioning where defects and “exception items” are identified through to plant livening. This activity is seen as critical to the life cycle of any equipment.


Inspection of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas.

Hazardous Area inspections and the development of inspection Programmes. Plans can be tailored to fit an organisation’s particular operation. Inspections are carried out in accordance with AS/NZS 60079.



Electrical Equipment Surveys.

The compilation and execution of inspection and testing schedules to ensure the continual technical integrity of electrical equipment.






“Maintenance must be viewed as in integral element of the long term business success of any asset and must be treated as an area of business performance improvement and not as a cost to be wantonly reduced.

(Dr. Neil Arthur, SKF NZ Ltd.)